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Dan Dan da Killa Man

2009-05-27 17:26:32 by LuxGamer

Dan Dan Da Killa Man

So I finally have to time to start making games again! (and summers just aronud the corner) I don't like setting deadlines, because i procrastinate like hell, but I'm pretty sure It'll be out by the next month. I don't want to give to much a way buuuuuuuuut, In the game you play as dan, a guy with wings. The goal of the game is to reach the top before a burrito eats/digest you. I have a couple of add ons that slow you down, chase you, make you bigger or smaller, speed you up, and lets you go though walls.

What I have left to program:

----(Done) Speed Boost

---- (Done) power bars

----(Done) Bullets

----(Done) Ice trap
--(Done) Confusion trap
-and the Boss
I've made atleast 20 different to do list on paper. Thought it'd be smarter to do it on the computer so I can just edit it instead.

Here's what I have left to animate... This is probably what I'm going to have the most work doin.

- Level 1 (Egyptian crap)
- Level 2 (Medievel)
- Level 3 (Colonial)
- Level 4 (Future)
- Level 5 (End of the World)
- Level 6 (Everything Mixed Together)
- Boss
----(Done) player fire
- add on fire
- player smudge
- add on smudge
- player ice
- add on ice

- a beggining movie

-an ending movie
----(Done) Dan Dan

- Pretty much everything!
( I suck at animating)
I still feel like I have to add something though.. any ideas welcome x)

Dan Dan da Killa Man


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2009-08-07 21:55:15

Fuck you.